ITSM Software Features

Service Desk

  • The core of ITSM Software
  • Easy and rapid creation of incidents, problems and service requests using templates; track the history of all activity
  • Visual impact analysis to restore service and minimize business impact
  • Coordinate complex problem investigations
  • Link related items to investigations, like Incidents, Problems, Configuration Items, Changes, Services, Knowledge, etc.
  • Empower end users with self-service to browse a knowledge base, submit requests, and track progress and feedback
  • Automate approvals for service requests

Change Management

  • Plan changes to reduce service outages
  • Manage assessments and approvals
  • Audit Change history
  • Link related items to Changes, like Configuration Items, Problems, Knowledge Articles, Incidents, etc.

Service Catalog and Portfolio Management

  • Define, develop, and publish IT services
  • Link Contracts to related services and Incidents to track achievement
  • Publish browsable service catalogs for different audiences

Knowledge Management

  • Make key information readily available to users
  • Create different knowledge bases for different users
  • Link knowledge to Incidents and other records to provide detail

Configuration Management Database

  • Create and manage Configuration Items (CIs) to identify problems
  • Link CIs to other records like Incidents, Changes, Problems and Contacts to see impact on the organization
  • Track versions and warranty information to plan upgrades

Workflow Automation

  • Automate business processes
  • Incorporate rules and approvals into processes
  • Easy-to-use GUI with drag-and-drop workflow design

ITSM Software Reporting

  • Easily create customized reports based on business needs
  • Distribute dashboards to relay information quickly
  • Schedule report delivery

ITSM Software Mobile App

  • Access FootPrints where and when you need it on any device
  • View assignments and update records from your mobile device
  • Improve agent productivity

Service Level Management

  • Manage SLAs, OLAs, and underpinning contracts
  • Enforce response and resolution targets for all agreements
  • Report on your success rate

Business Rules Engine

  • Easily configure business rules to match the process of your organization
  • Define business rules to send notifications, automate assignments, trigger escalations, send surveys, and much more

Unlimited Self-Service Client Portals

  • Configure the system to work how you want to work
  • Design different portals for different types of business users
  • Ensure access to the information people need to complete their work and secure it from those who should not see it

End Point Management

  • A powerful addition to your ITSM Software
  • Access real-time asset information from client machines
  • Perform actions on the remote device, including Remote Control, Viewing Logs/Running Processes/Running Services, rebooting or waking up the device, without requiring VPN
  • Allow approved changes to be automated with software deployment

Integrate your ITSM Software with Dynamic SQL Link

  • Connect to external systems to pull relevant data into your tickets from any MS SQL or PostgreSQL database source
  • Dynamically link to your CRM system to use as the source of contacts in your address book
  • Pull information from any asset management system into your Incidents and Changes